The consultants at The Counterracketeering Group have directed and coordinated complex, sensitive, nationwide and international investigations of all racketeering crimes—crimes committed for financial gain. This includes drug trafficking, human trafficking, money laundering, theft, securities/investment fraud, illegal gambling, counterfeit merchandise trafficking and public benefits fraud. They have prosecuted cases against the most serious criminals and their organizations (e.g., Mexican drug cartels), financial institutions, professional money launderers employing the most sophisticated money laundering techniques and tools, and every type of fraudster and racketeer.

The consultants have provided legal and policy assistance and training to federal, state and local prosecutors, as well as law enforcement agencies on using counterracketeering and asset forfeiture techniques as a fundamental law enforcement tool. They have assisted policymakers government-wide in developing and reviewing legislative, regulatory and policy initiatives—all while managing the entire asset forfeiture program responsible for the annual forfeiture of tens of millions of dollars of criminal assets, i.e. “guilty property” and the distribution of the proceeds of that sold, guilty property, i.e. “RICO funds” to law enforcement agencies and victims.

For the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, Managing Director Aaron S. Ludwig and his team developed and implemented monthly, statewide counterracketeering and asset forfeiture training for law enforcement officers; drastically increased the speed of RICO funds distribution to law enforcement agencies and victims; increased the racketeering and asset forfeiture caseload by 300%, then increased the capacity of the office to handle this volume by customizing a database and designing and implementing forms, policies, and procedures; formed and led an intra-office working group to streamline the accounting, reporting, and forecasting of RICO funds; advised district/county attorneys and law enforcement agency command staff on the expenditure of RICO funds; and, appeared on behalf of the Attorney General’s Office at major case press conferences.

The Counterracketeering Group brings this vast depth of experience and subject matter expertise to provide highly customized, agency-specific services in the following areas: