How often have your referrals for prosecution been “furthered” or “turned down?” Are you tired of being told by prosecutors they can’t tell you what to do to make your case complete and they can’t “guide your investigation?” How would you like to make great strides toward achieving your law enforcement goals by making criminals pay MORE THAN EVER BEFORE with their guilty property, which we know they care more about than their liberty? How would you like to get real compensation to victims, while minimizing the scrutiny and negative publicity of your asset forfeitures and RICO expenditures?

The Counterracketeering Group achieves law enforcement goals through counterracketeering and asset forfeiture. Partnering with The Counterracketeering Group is like having free, in-house prosecutors to identify and guide racketeering investigations, build solid asset forfeiture cases, and ensure that referrals for prosecution are thorough and complete.

For law enforcement agencies with limited budgets to increase the number of specialized, counterracketeering and asset forfeiture officers, The Counterracketeering Group is a force multiplier. Consultants at The Counterracketeering Group have unrivaled talent and are the foremost experts at pursuing guilty property; depriving racketeers of the profit that keeps them in business; alleviating the negative impact that racketeering has on legitimate commerce; deterring crime; and, compensating victims.

Unlike specialized, counterracketeering and asset forfeiture officers, consulting services provided by The Counterracketeering Group do not come out of appropriated budgets and are void of conflict of interest. In addition to their strategic and tactical advice on disrupting and dismantling criminal organizations through counterracketeering and asset forfeiture, the consultants at The Counterracketeering Group provides complete, fiscal guidance on RICO fund expenditure, accounting, reporting, etc. and responds to inquiries, counters inaccurate or negative publicity, and successfully wins hearts and minds with respect to asset forfeiture.

Managing Director Aaron S. Ludwig and his team are proud to have served the following agencies: